About Me

Laura Paynter has lived in Ocala FL since 1980 when she arrived to ride racehorses and then go onto
become a Professional Jockey for 17 years. After retirement as a Jockey, Laura started and ran a successful Underground Utility Co for 10 years during which time she obtained a Master Paralegal Certificate.
Each previous career, and her passion for helping people solve their problems, prepared her to become a successful Real Estate Expert. In 2016 Laura went through the Probate process successfully for her Mother, and after this experience, she realized how little most people understand and are ready to handle the process. Laura's team is totally committed to guiding you through all phases of the Probate process.We will do whatever it takes to help you navigate your individual situation.

Whatever it takes.


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You can also visit me at: www.laurapaynter.com


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